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We are a Portland OR Wedding Photography + Video Team and husband and wife! We travel all over for our couples, but before you contact us..

Your wedding photos will be the only tangible things you will take away from your day. They will be the only things you can look back at and get nostalgic with your spouse 30 years from now. Which means that you should absolutely love who you hire to shoot your wedding. Connection will be the most important thing between you and your photographer on your day, so they can photograph your true love story.

And we only say these things because we’ve been there before. After the day is over, we were so happy to have the images from the photographer we loved. That was our priority. The most expensive flowers, cake, dress, venue, food won’t matter, it’s those images.

We want to be your friends, we want to laugh and cry with you, and we absolutely will. We PROMISE that. If you want to create beautiful raw magic with us, send us that note! We would love to be your wedding photography + video team!