If we hire you do we get the both of you?
YES! We love being a husband and wife team and we love that our clients get more photos and no one has to stress about memories being missed because there are two of us!

Will you travel? and do we have to pay for the two of you?
YES PLEASE! We love love love traveling! We actually only charge the price of one airfare to Charleston SC, South Florida and Charlotte, NC For any other cities and countries we do charge the fare for two. But if you are getting married somewhere rad that is on our bucket list, there might be a deal!

What if we want to elope and hireĀ y’all?
We eloped ourselves and know exactly what you are looking for, there is a special place in our hearts for those who elope! Just let us know that you’re eloping with all the details and we will give you a customized quote!

How fast do we get our wedding photos?
Typically we give a couple sneak peaks either the night of or the day after. We like to aim to have all your wedding photos in a gallery by 4 weeks and delivered on a usb to you in 6 weeks!

How many photos do we get?
Between the two of us we usually deliver 500-700 pretty amazing images. We always would rather give our clients quality over quantity, so we don’t really think about numbers!

What should we expect on our wedding day from you?
Jonathan and I take a very calm and fun approach to weddings. Im with the bride the whole time as she’s getting ready and he’s with the guys. I am basically you’re helping hand and sometimes an ear while I’m shooting. Weddings are extremely overwhelming and sometimes things just don’t go the way they planned. And if thats the case, I’m not only going to photograph all the precious raw moments, but I’m also going to be your friend. Id like to think that we are more then just wedding photographers to our clients. We are friends and family even after you wed!

I see that you shoot a lot of black and white, do you give photos in color too?
Yes! We actually really love black and white ( especially Catherine) because there is something about a raw beautiful emotional moment captured in a timeless way. And we just feel that black and white just gives that more then color! But you will always get the same image in color if we make it black and white!