How to Elope in Oregon | Portland Elopement Photographer Packages

May 11, 2020

How to elope in Oregon. Thinking about eloping? Trying to elope in Oregon on a budget? Looking for a Portland Elopement Photographer? No need to get overwhelmed, we are here to answer all the questions you may have about eloping in Oregon. Why? Because Jonathan and I eloped back in 2018, and we know how stressful planning can get. Even though we chose not to have a big wedding, we still wanted to have a gorgeous day while being budget conscious. We’ve written this blog post and partnered up with a couple of vendors to show you that you can still have your dream elopement!

Should I hire a planner?

First, let’s talk about how hiring an elopement planner does wonders. Just like any wedding day, you may not know where to even start and that can be very overwhelming. We love working with Dorotheea of Kamea Events and everything she has to offer. She gets it when it comes to wanting to focus on the small details that you can’t even begin to think about and for such a small price!

  • 5 hours of day of assistance
  • maintain flow & time of elopement
  • provide timeline to appropriate parties
  • location suggestions/scouting, vendor recommendation / communication, design / styling etc.
  • complimentary use of decor in inventory
  • up to 6 guests

only $1000

Where should we elope?

Gosh does Oregon have an abundance of options! Honestly, it’s probably why you googled eloping in Oregon! Haha! Coast? Gorge? Snowy mountains? The woods? Where do we even start? Here are some of our favorites and this is a big way that Dorotheea can help.



Cape Kiwanda

Cannon Beach



How to elope for under $5k in Oregon How to elope for under $5k in OregonHow to elope for under $5k in Oregon



Latourell Falls

Rowena Crest

Government Cove

elope in Oregon under $5k

elope in Oregon under $5k

The Woods:

Woodlands House (airbnb)

River Cabaan (airbnb)


Do you offer Photo & Video Packages?

Next, are you interested in Elopement Photography & Videography? Or just Elopement Photography? Thankfully we are a husband and wife team and we can offer both! We know that when we eloped, we really wished we could have hired a duo, but unfortunately hiring a separate videographer wasn’t doable for us. With these bundled packages, it keeps everything attainable.

Elopement Photography in Oregon comes with :

  • complimentary consultation
  • 2 photographers
  • 3-4 hours (getting ready, travel, ceremony, portraits- let us tell the whole story)
  • travel within 2.5 hours of Portland (can discuss for further places)

= $1700 (yes that’s it!)

Elopement Photography & Videography in Oregon comes with:

  • complimentary consultation
  • 1 videographer
  • 1 photographer
  • 3-4 hours (getting ready, travel, ceremony, portraits)
  • 3-5 minute highlight video for sharing on youtube or vimeo
  • travel within 2.5 hours of Portland (can discuss for further places)

=$2700 (steal of a deal!)

What if I want a flowers?

Flowers can range anywhere from $200-900 depending on what you want and the florist! Maybe you want a little arch for a ceremony backdrop?  Wild Flower Portland has some really great packages that can include that within your budget!

elope in Oregon under $5kelope in Oregon under $5k


Hair & Makeup?

Hair and makeup can range from $350-500. We love working with Kayla Nicole Beauty . She is known for her sweet personality and get gorgeous textured boho braids.

What about that marriage license or an Officiant?

Lastly, Oregon let’s you apply for a marriage license 60 days before you get married. You do have to appear in person, but there is a 3 day waiting period.  The waiting period can be waived for a fee. Here is a list of locations in Oregon to obtain a marriage license for $50-60. We have 2 officiants we love working with, Officiant Jimmie and Heart Crafted Ceremonies. If you can’t afford an officiant or want to keep things even more intimate, having one of your family or friends marry the two of you is a great option!

A breakdown of all the vendors to stay under $5k:

Dorotheea – Elopement Planner $1000

Elopement Photography & Videography package with Deus Amor $1500-2500

Wild Flower Portland Bouquet / Ceremony Backdrop $250-900

Kayla Nicole Beauty – Makeup & Hair $350-500

Officiant $450-900 (depending on location)


Hopefully this post has helped you see How to elope in Oregon and on a budget! If you want to inquire for more details and get to know us more, fill out our contact form!