Places to Elope near Portland

March 6, 2019

Have you tried thinking of any unique places to elope near Portland, Oregon? There is an abundance of stunning places to elope that don’t involve driving more than 2 hours! 

Rowena Crest

At Rowena you drive up, park and walk along the grass / flowers for these stunning views! You can see more from this shoot here! 

Cape Kiwanda 

A super easy hike for the couple who wants to elope on the coast, but doesn’t want the typical Cannon Beach. It’s stunning and offers WAY more landscape in our opinion. The beach, the sand dunes, the cliff, a cave like area and this warm rock.
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Tillamook Area Beach

Definitely one of our favorites! We actually have a video of these sweet session under our videos tab. You will fall in love instantly!  

Drift Creek Falls

This one is a stunner when you first walk on the bridge and see this big waterfall you can walk down to. It is 3 miles round trip, but make sure you don’t miss the turn to the right, when the trail forks. 

best places to elope near portlandplaces to elope near portland

Gods Thumb is a little more of a hike, you can’t go the easy shorter route anymore, but the views are worth it. Very Ireland like, especially on a gloomy Oregon day. It is two hours from Portland and 3.9 miles there and out. It is a moderate hike, but be warned that if it has rained, its going to be a bit muddy once you get up there right before the cliff.

Falls creek Falls is considered Moderate and 3.4 miles there and back if you just go to the waterfall. Make sure you don’t go from December 31-March 31, because usually the gate is closed which adds 2 more miles x two. You can’t see pictured, but you can climb down to the bottom, just be prepared to get a little soaked!

We will always be adding to this post, but we hope you check out these beautiful locations right in our backyard! All wonderful unique places to elope near Portland!