Ava & John

I can't find the words to express how grateful and blessed we feel to have crossed paths with Deus Amor. They are truly the dream. Their care and passion for their clients are second to none. The whole process didn't feel like a business transaction. It felt like we were in the presence of friends the entire time. They created such a warm atmosphere at our wedding. They take time to capture well thought out, classic moments, that will stand the test of time. Every picture was creative, unique, and sincere. We let them take creative control, and they exceeded our expectations in every area. They are the best of the best, and are truly gifted for this.

Kaitlyn & Casey

Finding the perfect wedding photographer was a bit of an endeavor for us. Newly engaged, we were anxious and eager to start our 'wedding planning' and initially jumped the gun in hiring a photographer we didn't take the time to really look into. After meeting with this person once for our engagement pictures, we realized he wasn't the right fit for us. The experience was disappointing, and came with a little bit of monetary penalty which really put a damper on our wedding planning process. Until a friend recommended Catherine. She showed us her work on social media and we LOVED her vision. We decided to meet with her for casual cup of coffee prior to securing anything (to avoid the same mistake as before), and she was the perfect fit! She was empathetic to our situation, and took on my husbands (1000+) questions like a champ! The way she handled the meeting, spoke about her passion, her husband and their photography just really resonated with us. In a fortunate turn of events, when we secured Catherine it came to light that she and her husband were beginning to work together as a team, and we'd get to work with them as 'Deus Amor'. We cannot put into words how incredible they were. They are so talented at what they do and know how to capture all the right moments while making the experience comfortable and keeping everyone organized and on schedule. Catherine went above and beyond the day of, making sure everything about me: dress, jewelry, veil, shoes, smile, etc. was just as it should be, and it was! We love our wedding photos and have received endless compliments. We especially enjoyed our 'couple session' that Jonathan and Catherine made sure we had time for - just the two of us post wedding to really take in the day and each other. Seriously, just so impressed with everything I could go on and on. Several months after our wedding we are still having trouble picking which prints we want because we're obsessed with them all. Hiring Deus Amor was the one of the best decisions we made that day - cannot thank them enough for their time, commitment to their work, stellar personalities -all of it. Catherine and Jonathan, you both are phenomenal!

Abby & Zach

Selecting a photographer for your wedding is the second most important decision you need to make for your wedding (fiancé selection takes first....sorry Catherine and Jonathan ). I knew I was in great hands within the first 30 minutes of meeting both Catherine and Jonathan. Their work speaks for itself, but I will share some of the things that you cannot see. On top of being extremely talented, Catherine is fun to be around and has a natural way of making you feel special. She wants to capture your personality in your photographs, so expect her to try and get to know you! This is a good thing! She captured our style and made our photos true to who we are! Jonathan is wickedly artistic, and he will make you feel like you’re a real model... he and Catherine work so seamlessly together. Jonathan will capture shots that you never imagined your everyday self was capable of! They were true professionals on our wedding day, blending in, but capturing every special moment. We are thrilled with the way our wedding photos turned out and look forward to Catherine and Jonathan capturing many more of our most valued memories.


When I first got engaged, I already had my photographer picked out. I knew Jonathan from a friend and already loved his work. I knew he would bring another photographer along with him and he couldn’t have made a better choice before they became DEUS AMOR together. My whole experience with Jonathan and Catherine was perfect. They have an ability to read the bride and groom; they picked up on our vibes and could tell what each of us wanted and needed. Catherine was more than my photographer that day; she was my emotional cheerleader, my dress cleaner (yes, she cleaned the dirt off of my dress!), she made sure I got something to eat, and she made sure I was happy amidst all of the chaos of the day.Jonathan was relaxed and calm which was such a nice presence to have around. Our photos are more than wedding photos. Each one is a work of art and we value all of the time, energy, love and passion that was put into each photo. If I could do it all again, I’d pick them every time.


We searched a good bit to find photographers for our big day last June, but the searching was worth it to find Deus Amor! After a laid back coffee date, we knew they were the people we wanted to help us tell our story. JT and Catherine know a lot about photography and a lot about love, and that couldn’t have been more evident in the final product. They did an incredible job of identifying what makes us unique as a couple and highlighting it through their photography.Looking at our pictures now, we see all of the things we cared about most coming together and making something beautiful. From the candid shots of our families and friends to our formal portraits, Catherine and JT helped to create a space of intimacy where we were able to be fully present and enjoy the most important moment of our life. Looking back we have something more than just pictures, we have our very own love story!